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10-22-2008, 03:03 PM
http://www.postgameheroes.com/ - scroll down. He's keeping his options open re: RB, as he should.

Opening Statement from Tomlin regarding team injuries:

From an injury standpoint, Willie Parker continues to progress, he’ll practice in a limited capacity or maybe not a limited capacity tomorrow. But he is slated to practice. We’ll continue to push him toward game day. Troy (Polamalu) had a concussion in the game. Tests are favorable at this point. He’s slated to practice tomorrow. We’ll see how he goes. Keyaron Fox is probably not close enough to playing. He could be listed as doubtful with his hamstring strain. Bryant McFadden had surgery yesterday. Of course he has a broken arm. He had a plate inserted, had that thing fixed. He’ll be in a sling here for a couple of weeks and then we’ll progress from there. After that, we’ll take it week by week and see where he is in terms of casting him and his potential play. Marvel Smith is recovering nicely from his back spasms. We’ll see where he is not only tomorrow, but as the week goes on. Dallas Baker with his shoulder sprain will start practicing tomorrow. Carey Davis will practice tomorrow. I anticipate him playing, as will Casey Hampton, who practiced in the latter part of last week. He’s going to practice tomorrow and we anticipate him playing. That’s the injury report. We’ve got a variety of bumps and bruises that come with playing football. But there will never be an excuse. We’ll field 11 guys on the field and compete against the defending world champs.

Does William Gay become the nickel back. Who plays in the dime?

Deshea (Townsend) is going to have to play more and he hadn’t played a bunch of snaps. He’s been nursing that heel contusion and has been limited in terms of how he practices. And maybe he’ll be limited again this week in terms of how he practices. He has to step up his performance. William Gay, of course, has to step up his performance. We’ve got a great deal of confidence in him and really kind of champing at the bit to prove that he’s worthy of being in the group. He’s in that second-year player group that we’ve placed a lot of pressure on to make the jump. Some of those other guys have had opportunities to make the jump, Matt Spaeth, (Lawrence) Timmons and (LaMarr) Woodley. He’s ready to jump in that group. We feel comfortable with where he is in terms of being able to do that. And, of course, Anthony Madision, who’s been a special teams stalwart for us, is going to be ready if called upon.

If Parker’s ready to play, does he start and how will you use Mewelde Moore?

If he’s ready to play, he’ll definitely start and we’ll give Mewelde his looks. But a lot of that is going to be determined on Willie’s level of conditioning in the flow of the football game.

Will it be series or just third downs for Mewelde?

Really, he’s our third-down back. Nothing has changed in that regard. The series, that will be determined by the flow of the game. If we’ve got long sustained drives, and I hope we do, he may be intermingled throughout a series. We’ll play that by ear depending on how we’re moving the football. But Mewelde is going to play, if Willie Parker should come back, Willie Parker will start.

Can you talk about how Timmons and Woodley have helped your pass rush?

Those guys are capable of winning one-on-one battles. Those are things we preach. As coaches, we work our tails off to provide quality looks and hopefully design blitzes where hopefully people come up free. But invariably, getting home is about people beating people. Woodley is capable of beating people. Timmons is capable of beating people. And that’s what they’ve been doing. They’ve been kind of following the lead of James Harrison, who is doing great work on the right side for us.