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10-07-2008, 06:14 PM

2008 Power Rankings: Week 6
1 (1) Giants 4-0-0 Hanging 44 on the Seahawks without Plaxico Burress was a strong statement. It will take more than the Browns to knock this team off course. (MM)
2 (2) Titans 5-0-0 They benefited from an iffy call in Baltimore but more than matched up physically. Class of the AFC is off, then at KC before a home Monday nighter vs. Colts. (PK)
3 (6) Redskins 4-1-0 This team should be 7-1 at the midway point. Jim Zorn has made all the right moves over the past month. (MM)
4 (3) Cowboys 4-1-0 Wade Phillips says not to worry about the ugly win over the Bengals. But it's definitely cause for concern. (MM)
5 (5) Steelers 4-1-0 After the victory at Jacksonville, it's time to consider the Steelers as one of the elite. (JW)
6 (7) Panthers 4-1-0 The Panthers are solid all the way around and getting better. (PY)
7 (11) Broncos 4-1-0 The Broncos showed they can win games on defense. If they show they can do it consistently, the Broncos will be in good shape all season long. (BW)
8 (4) Bills 4-1-0 The Bills hit a speed bump on their way to what could have been an undefeated record at their bye. Trent Edwards was knocked out of the game with a concussion and will need the extra time to regroup. All the Bills will. (TG)
9 (13) Patriots 3-1-0 The Patriots got just what they needed after their bye week. They bounced back from their crushing Week 3 loss to the Dolphins with a methodical victory over the 49ers. (TG)
10 (18) Bears 3-2-0 You can't fight it right now: The Bears are the best team in the NFC North. Kyle Orton is no game-manager, either. (KS)
11 (17) Colts 2-2-0 The miraculous win probably said more about the Texans than the Colts, who remain disturbingly out of sync. Troubles will be hard to fix against Baltimore. (PK)
12 (9) Eagles 2-3-0 Remember when we thought this was a top-five team? Seems like such a long time ago now. (MM)
13 (10) Buccaneers 3-2-0 The Bucs need to find an offense as they head into division showdown with Carolina. (PY)
14 (20) Cardinals 3-2-0 Adrian Wilson's return restores swagger to defense. Kurt Warner regains grip on offense. (MS)
15 (14) Ravens 2-2-0 The Ravens played well the past two weeks and have nothing to show for it. Can this team keep bouncing back from tough losses? (JW)
16 (8) Chargers 2-3-0 The Chargers are perplexing. They've lost three games by a total of 10 points, but the reality is San Diego is 2-3 and needs to get in gear soon. (BW)
17 (12) Jaguars 2-3-0 The defense hasn't been what many expected, and the secondary needs to get well in time for trip to Denver. (PK
18 (19) Jets 2-2-0 Brett Favre has an extra week of prep time to help the Jets maintain the momentum they gained heading into their bye week. (TG)
19 (21) Vikings 2-3-0 The Vikings saved their season Monday night -- with a big assist from the Saints. (KS)
20 (24) Falcons 3-2-0 Matt Ryan won at Lambeau Field. That means he can win anywhere. (PY)
21 (15) Packers 2-3-0 Injuries, especially on defense, are catching up to the Packers. (KS)
22 (16) Saints 2-3-0 Saints have been handing away wins. (PY)
23 (26) Dolphins 2-2-0 A second straight win over a preseason AFC favorite has the Dolphins surging. They're only 2-2, but hope is being restored..(TG)
24 (22) 49ers 2-3-0 Road from 2-3 to a likely 2-5 is a slippery one for Mike Nolan. (MS)
25 (25) Browns 1-3-0 Following the bye, the Browns are finally healthy. Let's see what they're really made of when they play host to the Giants next game. (JW)
26 (23) Seahawks 1-3-0 The Seahawks' run of four consecutive division titles might be coming to an end. Will Seattle put up a fight? (MS)
27 (28) Raiders 1-3-0 With the Lane Kiffin saga behind them, the Raiders need to enter the Tom Cable era playing with the same intensity they did in the final three weeks of the Kiffin era. (BW)
28 (27) Texans 0-4-0 Once, a game against Miami looked like it would be relief from a tough starting stretch. Not anymore. (PK)
29 (29) Chiefs 1-4-0 The Chiefs stagger into their bye with a 1-4 record on the heels of a 34-0 loss at Carolina. The question is, will the Chiefs want to come back when their bye week is over?
30 (30) Bengals 0-5-0 Perhaps the Bengals should move to the NFC East. They seem to play their best games against elite competition. (JW)
31 (31) Lions 0-4-0 Sorry. This is one of the worst teams we've ever seen. (KS)
32 (32) Rams 0-4-0 Jim Haslett's first game as Rams head coach takes him to Washington. Not a good place to start. (MS)

10-07-2008, 06:16 PM

Power Rankings
Current Team Previous
1 Giants Trends 1
Is there any doubt who the top team is right now? Eli Manning gets better and better as the weeks move along. Tom Coughlin has his team focused for another title run.
2 Titans Trends 2
The defense bailed them out again. But when you can go on the road and win without much offense, that's accomplishing something. Can they go a whole season without giving up 20 points in a game?
3 Redskins Trends 4
What a turnaround they've made since the opener. They can run it and throw it. The schedule gets soft the next few weeks, too.
4 Cowboys Trends 5
Their inability to put teams away has to be troubling. When you're up 17-0 against the Bengals, the game has to be over. It wasn't. Now the Cowboys face a tough road test at Arizona.
5 Steelers Trends 6
They limp to their much-needed bye coming off a big victory at Jacksonville. They face some tough tests coming up, so they need to get guys back quickly.
6 Panthers Trends 7
Going back to the more physical ways seems to be working out just fine. They can run it and play good defense. Just the way John Fox likes it.
7 Broncos Trends 9
So the defense actually shows up for a change. Let's see it happen against somebody other than the Bucs.
8 Bills Trends 3
I'll give them a mulligan for playing back-to-back road games out of the division and losing their quarterback in the first quarter in the loss to the Cardinals. But that defense didn't look like it has all season.
9 Patriots Trends 10
Staying on the West Coast for a week will be easy after beating the 49ers. Now they get the Chargers. Bet they can't wait.
10 Buccaneers Trends 8
At some point we have to start questioning the validity of Jon Gruden as offensive wizard. They can't throw the ball down the field. Or they won't.
11 Ravens Trends 12
After a tough, physical game against the Titans, now they have to go to Indianapolis to face Peyton Manning and that passing game. The Ravens won't win that game with 10 points, that's for sure.
12 Bears Trends 13
Has Kyle Orton arrived? If he has, then the Bears can win the division. We know they can run it.
13 Colts Trends 18
I hope they all went out and bought lottery tickets after Sunday's game. They stole one. But now that could get them going.
14 Jets Trends 19
Brett Favre's hot start was cooled by a bye week. Then again, at his age he probably needed it.
15 Cardinals Trends 20
The first-place Cardinals. Will Arizona fans ever get used to seeing that? With the Cowboys coming to town, they get a chance to show they mean it.
16 Falcons Trends 23
Who thought they would be 3-2 after five games? They've been competitive the entire season. Matt Ryan is growing up each week.
17 Vikings Trends 24
That move to Gus Frerotte just might get them to the playoffs. That was a huge road victory Monday night at New Orleans.
18 Packers Trends 11
They've had a lot of injuries on defense and it's showing up in a big way. You can't blame the three consecutive losses on Aaron Rodgers.
19 Eagles Trends 14
At 2-3, they're lagging at the bottom of the NFC East. They better get it going or they can fall into a deep hole in this talented division.
20 Jaguars Trends 15
The defense can't get off the field. They are tied with Kansas City for the worst third-down defense. That won't win a lot of games.
21 Dolphins Trends 25
Tony Sparano deserves a ton of credit for getting this team to 2-2. Miami defeated two good teams, which is a shock in a lot of ways.
22 Saints Trends 17
This is a better team than where it's slotted right now. As the Saints get their players back healthy, it will show.
23 Chargers Trends 16
They're just off this season. Something isn't right. Losing at Miami is a stinger for this so-called Super Bowl team.
24 Seahawks Trends 21
All those who had this team pegged as a Super Bowl contender step forward. Yeah, there were a lot of you.
25 49ers Trends 22
The most concerning thing has to be their defense. With Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary, you'd think that side of the ball would be playing better.
26 Browns Trends 26
They should hope the week off allowed Derek Anderson to regain that 2007 form. If not, the struggles will continue.
27 Texans Trends 27
The way they lost to the Colts could doom them the rest of the way. They're 0-4, but they could easily be 2-2. They're better. Really.
28 Raiders Trends 28
Tom Cable to the rescue. Good luck. I wonder how Rob Ryan will handle the defense now under the new coach.
29 Chiefs Trends 29
They just don't have anything from the quarterback position. Matthew Stafford has to be their long-term hope. Right? Do they need their bye this week or what?
30 Bengals Trends 30
Can you believe this team is winless? Marvin Lewis could be the next coach in trouble. At least he should be.
31 Lions Trends 31
So much for the Matt Millen dismissal lighting a spark. They're as bad as ever. Jon Kitna needs to be replaced. It's Drew Stanton time. Get on with the future.
32 Rams Trends 32
Jim Haslett's fiery ways will help this team. So will getting Marc Bulger back in as quarterback. But they're still a long way away from being good.

NC Steeler Fan
10-08-2008, 04:58 PM
Whoa, no mention of how awful Tomlin and the coaching staff are and how
the Steelers are sliding fast?

These poll-makers don't know squat!!!

I mean, we got guys on here who know muuuuuuuch better....

10-08-2008, 09:24 PM
Pretty standard for the 4-1 record. It will be interesting to see if we move up or down after the bye week.

10-09-2008, 10:41 AM
Welcome Greggy :Clap

The bengals smack board getting too boring?

10-10-2008, 06:24 PM
Who would have thought that last years SB reps would both be this under the radar?? The Giants have almost quietly gone unbeaten thus far- no hype about going UD for the rest of the season or anything like that. Just winning one game at a time.

Meanwhile, the Patriots* have only the one loss (to the somewhat resurgent Phins) and have managed to win games even without their star player. Sleep on them at your peril because they still have a very quality group of vets on both sides of the ball.