View Full Version : Redskins pull off what Steelers cant...thanks to TE and RB

10-05-2008, 04:20 PM
Wow...hard to imagine that WE couldn't have pulled this off:

Washington 23
Eagles 17

Cooley and Portis combined for 267 yards of offense with Cooley snagging 8 catches for 109 yards.

In our game our RBs and TEs got a grand total of 101 yards on the ground and air combined.

Actually, our whole offense had less than Cooley and Portis had for Washington today. We only had 180 yards of total offense. Pretty sad huh?

Oh and yeah our TE wasn't given the ball much and neither were our RBs, but the week before Witten had 110 yards receiving.

Great job their Arians. Thanks for nothing!

Oh and btw...in that game Randle El threw a TD...I certainly wish we had some creativity in our playcalling...Dixon actually playing anyone?!