View Full Version : Jets win - almost perfect Karma (random SASF musings ...)

09-29-2008, 02:03 PM
... until tonight's game.

What's great about that Jet game:

1) Whisenhunt goes down hard. I don't like him - feel he dissed the Steelers on the way out. Our loss last year to them left a bad taste.

2) Favre does super -6 TD passes! He's been a bit of a drama queen these past few years, but he is one of the greatest players ever, and it's nice that he has a day like that as he heads towards the exit and ultimately to Canton.

3) Jets win keeps them as a potential roadblock (along with the Bills) to keep the *s out of the playoffs.

What would have made it better:

1) If Faneca weren't playing for the Jets. As good as he was here, he totally dissed the Steelers on the way out, and his work slowdown here last year was a very bad thing.

2) If Warner hadn't been QB on the losing team. He's a gamer, and a good guy, wish it had happened to Palmer or Anderson or someone else instead.

(Waiting for tonight ...)