View Full Version : Dawkins a Liability for Eagles?

anger 82&95
09-20-2008, 09:49 AM
ESPN Article:
"Is Dawkins a liability? On Monday night in Dallas, the whispers about former Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins, the spiritual leader of the Philadelphia Eagles, grew into full-blown concerns. Not that he's lost a step. Anyone who saw him chasing Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten from behind time and time again could see that. No, the concern is this: Has Dawkins, who will turn 35 next month, become a liability?
The answer is complicated. Dawkins, who may be one of the best blitzing safeties of all time, is clearly not what he once was in pass coverage. First off, he should not be lined up at the goal line one-on-one against Terrell Owens -- but that was the case Monday. Owens scored easily on a quick slant, making Dawkins look, well, old.
Is 34-year-old Brian Dawkins, in his 13th season, over the hill?
And against tight ends, Dawkins has proven to be overmatched in the first two games of the year. Against St. Louis in the home opener, Rams tight end Randy McMichael caught five balls for 77 yards. On Monday night, Witten was a nightmare: seven catches for 110 yards. This Sunday, the Steelers will arrive with another dangerous tight end: Heath Miller.
Dawkins bristles at the notion that he's over the hill. "I don't pay attention to it," he said. "Everybody has their opinions. But I know the facts, and the fact is I can play this game. What matters is what my coaches think and what they know and what my teammates know and what I know, and that's what I put my trust in."
For now, head coach Andy Reid is dismissive of the situation, refusing to acknowledge the problem. He really has no choice. Sean Considine was drafted in the fourth round in 2005 to replace Dawkins. But Considine is too slow to cover bigger, faster receivers and too small to be put on a tight end."