View Full Version : Interesting take on deferment

stlrz d
09-07-2008, 12:27 PM
Charlie Casserly (on the CBS pre game show) said he spoke with one NFL HC (he wouldn't say who) who said that unless he is facing teams capable of lighting it up he will defer to the second half every time.

His reason?

He doesn't want his offense (on the road) to have to deal with crowd noise right away and at home he wants the other team's offense to have to deal with the crowd noise.

There simply aren't as many people in the stands to start the 3rd quarter.

I thought that was a pretty interesting point.

Casserly said overall that it seems to be split right down the middle based on the responses of the coaches he spoke with.

Cowher said he takes the ball 100% of the time on winning the toss.