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stlrz d
07-16-2008, 07:07 PM
So, do you agree?


Here are the rules:

1. The AV systems gives a player a score for each player season. To combine these into a career number, I take 100% of the playerís best season, plus 95% of his second-best season, plus 90% of his third-best season, and so on.

2. Iím only comfortable (for now) applying the AV methodology to post-merger seasons. Players who debuted before the merger, however, are included if their post-merger seasons alone merit inclusion. In this case, they have a Ď+í after their AV score to remind you that their career AV is (probably) higher than the number shown.

3. To avoid 4-3/3-4 issues, I gave each defense 12 players, including two DT/NTs, two DEs, two OLBs, and two ILB/MLBs.

4. Because of the slippery and changing nature of defining what a fullback is, I simply decided to go with two RB/FBs, instead of an RB and an FB.

As with most things AV-related, this series of posts is mostly just for fun, but Iím also curious to hear feedback from long-time followers of the teams about things that look fishy.

Pittsburgh Steelers

QB Terry Bradshaw 106
RB Franco Harris 101
RB Jerome Bettis 65
WR John Stallworth 80
WR Hines Ward 72
TE Bennie Cunningham 40
T Larry Brown 68
T Jon Kolb 67+
G Alan Faneca 80
G Sam Davis 48+
C Mike Webster 100

DT Joe Greene 120+
DT Gary Dunn 52
DE L.C. Greenwood 95+
DE Dwight White 65
ILB Jack Lambert 114
ILB Levon Kirkland 71
OLB Jack Ham 119
OLB Greg Lloyd 89
CB Mel Blount 111
CB Rod Woodson 104***
SS Donnie Shell 89
FS Glen Edwards 50

***also made the Ravens all-franchise team at safety.

I have to say I was surprised to see Kirkland in there. I like it though! :tt2

07-16-2008, 07:17 PM
I still (after re-reading the "rules") don't understand the points scheme.... But somewhere in there I think Eric Green should have been recognized as a power at TE (not taking anything away from Cunningham, but if you look at him you also have to look at Randy Grossman), as well as John Banaszak on defense...