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06-02-2008, 01:33 PM
The following is a "How To" by none other, than our very own Photoshop Contest Master.... MeetJoeGreene. The following instructions will help all on this board contribute to initiating a contest of their liking. Thanks again for your time and effort, MJG... in putting these guidelines together.

Running Photoshopping contests (Part 1):

OK. THis is what I did on the trib:

Research and Photo selection. THis was actually the most time consuming and difficult part. I always had to have the next contest ready to go. I sometimes had a couple lined up which made life easier. I got my ideas the following ways: Sometimes folks would email me pictures. Some of these I took and some I didn't if I didn't think they would make a good photoshop (more on that later). If a big story happened (like Pac Man getting suspended), I would try to find some pictures of that player as it would be interesting. If saw a good picture on SI or somewhere I would use that. Other times I would just do google/msn/yahoo image searches on folks that I thought were interesting (like a hated player, rival coach, etc).

OK: What makes for a good potential photoshop? The following:

-- interesting pose or face. It just can't be a plain old mugshot. They either have to be making a goofy face or have their body doing something that is interesting (and interesting could be as simple as having both arms up like a touchdown). THe point is it can't be just a face or someone just standing there. I usually tried to find at least a few to give folks more options.

-- Large in size. It is easy to shrink images and retain quality, but it is hard to grow a tiny picture and retain quality (They get grainy). A face shot alone can be smaller since it is will be going on a body typically, but a whole body shot or half has to be good sized.

-- meaningful breaking point. By this I mean usually I don't get an "action" shot that ends mid-thigh and with one arm cut off at the wrist. You usually need something consistent so it is easy to incorporate. Cutting off at the waist is OK. There are exceptions to this, but it just my general principle.

-- recognition. I could find really funny poses of and UDFA practice squad from the St. Louis Cardinals -- but unless it has some recognition or something to make people care about it, you won't get much response.

-- high quality photo nuff said. we don't want something grainy or too dark.

at this point if any of you other photoshoppers want to offer your input/suggestions to good photos, please chime in.

Running a photoshop contest (Part 2):

OK if you have a photo(s) in mind, here is what I did on the trib.

I created a new thread entitled Photoshop VXX: Catchy Title. (XX being a sequential number) I adopted this naming convention so if I forgot to bookmark the contests, I could search on them easy. The title could be just the name if you like. I put the images in the first post and then PM or email the mod to create a sticky. I ususally tried to start contests close to THursday as people have more time on the weekends to crank out stuff.

I let the contest run its course. Usually, I would edit my topic title a couple of days before the contest ended to say: Photoshop VXX: Contest Ends DAY.

I created a voting thread. To do this I first went into every reply within the thread that was a submission and used the "Quote" function. This enable me to see the code. I copied their text. It usuall was something like:

quote = "MeetJoeGreene"] image%20url

I pasted into a word (or OPen office Document). I did this for all submissions.

Next I "cleaned up the document to get rid of the quote statements (while leaving the name). Also sometimes people wrote their own tag line which I usually removed.

I then added text to number then sequentially and left a few spaces between each contest . (I always had to change 1.21 jigawatts to jigawatts else it screwed up the numbering. Which is why I hate him. :D )

I then copied the text from my document, created a new thread with the title Photoshop VXX: Official Voting Thread and pasted my text into the body. I did a preview to make sure that I didn't dork anything up and that the spacing was right. I then submitted the thread and asked the mods for a sticky (and to remove the contest sticky).

voting then commenced.

Running a photoshop contest (Part 3):

Calculating scores:

I usually gave people a couple of days warning when voting was going to end -- by changeing the Subject line of the thread.

OK. I told people in the voting thread to vote for a first and second place. SOmetimes folks voted for only one, sometimes 3. If they voted for one, I counted that as a first place. If they voted for 3, I ignored the 3rd.

I create a spreadsheet that basically calcuated the score for me. I just had to tally the number of votes. If anyone wants it, PM me and I can send you a template. Afterwards I posted the results ( I usually did a Quote function on the very first entry which had all of the images, deleted everyone except the winners, and used that as the basis).

I always picked a first place. Depending on the closeness and number of votes, I would sometimes name second, or third or tie for second. I used my judgement.

Then I announced it by changing the thread subject to read Photoshop VXX: Winners Announced!!!

ANd that was that.

Some other random notes:

Bookmark all of the contests for posterity.
When researching create bookmark folders for potential ideas and save your future ideas there.
THere could be an entirely difference mechanical process on this site as we have the ability to do pollss and have folders for the photos with ratings.

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I wish I could join thus contest to enhance my skills in photoshop and develop more tricks in this field of design

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Trib Live Photoshop champion...

That is all! :)