View Full Version : Question about Steelers TicketExchange

05-29-2008, 12:23 PM
Last year, the Steelers starting allowing season ticket holders to sell some of their tickets through TicketMaster's TicketExchange program, where buyers would just print new tickets from the team instead of worrying about shipping tickets in the mail. When I could not attend a game last year, I took advantage of this service instead of dealing with eBay or StubHub and the hassle of having to mail my tickets to the winner of the auction in time for the game (it was somewhat of a late decision that we would not be able to go...only a day or two in advance of the game, so selling 'em and mailing 'em in time for the game was not a viable option). However, they did limit you to selling your tickets for a maximum of 25% above the face value of the tickets because of PA scalping laws (of course, TicketMaster took a chunk of the proceeds from both the buyer and the seller, but that is another matter). I probably could have gotten more for the tickets than that if I sold them elsewhere, but I abided by what the laws stated, and it was convenient to go through the team for this instead of some outside entity.

My question is about whether any of you know anything about a new loophole around the 25% scalping law limit, because I just looked on the Penguins version of TicketExchange, and they have 3 single seat tickets listed for Saturday's game 4 for $787.00 (E29 N 2), $798.50 (D6 K 18), and $2880.00 (C29 A 3). The face value of tickets for the Stanley Cup finals in Pittsburgh range from $125-$350. Why can Penguin season ticket holders ask for whatever they want when using TicketExchange, while Steeler fans are limited by PA scalping laws? Just curious...