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  1. It's set up...no more whining.
  2. Tarheels!!!
  4. BCS Bowl Predictions
  5. pre-season top 25
  6. what i love about college football
  7. Seniors who could earn accolades this year
  8. Heisman Possibilities...
  9. Key Games To Watch This Season
  10. Ohio State Football On TV
  11. Match-ups Throughout the Conferences....
  12. Comparing some of the "non-conference match-ups".
  13. It's "that" time of year again!........
  14. Top-10 Most Hated College Football Programs.
  15. Horay!!!!!
  16. Who is everyones favorite team and why?
  17. What stadiums do you want to go see a game in
  18. CP hates tOSU
  19. Tressel thinks Pryor will catch on fast
  20. Link to college football articles....
  21. '08 Song Girl possibility....
  22. Penn States' "off-field" problems...
  23. Columbus Strikes Back (at Palmer)...ha.
  24. Hail to Pitt!
  25. The "Backyard Brawl"...
  26. Unbelievably, Wannstedts' job not on the line...
  27. WVU Picked To Win Big East
  28. WVU Looking For Revenge Against Pitt...
  29. More Gratuitous USC Female Fan Photos...
  30. This ones' for you, steeld95...
  31. Stull in command of Pitt Panthers' "O"
  32. Ohio St suspends two
  33. question for steeld95...
  34. Tressel Determined To Improve Kickoff Return
  35. Bad News For The Men Of Troy...
  36. Best Defenses
  37. Awesome Line Is Key For Pitts' Defense
  38. 10 games that could decide the national title
  39. Big East Outlook...
  40. Coastal vs. Penn State
  41. OSUs' "Beanie" Scare...
  42. ESPN/Directv drop the ball...
  43. SEC.... The Cream of the College Crop
  44. Clemson Fumbles The Opener.
  45. S. Carolinas' Beecher out with injury...
  46. Paterno Matches Bowden
  47. Panthers Stunned By BG...
  48. Louisvilles' Hunter Cantwell and the Catfish....
  49. Mountaineers' White Wallops Wildcats
  50. A lesson in the English language...
  51. Since I offended
  52. Mythbusting the USC v OSU game...
  53. Seven solid games on the "undercard" this week....
  54. Tebow "goes off" about Miami coach....
  55. The Official OSU vs. USC thread...
  56. tOSU vs USC Game Thread
  57. The "Bottom 10"....
  58. Updated Conference Rankings...
  59. Spurrier Pleased With Sharing "play-Calling" Duties
  60. Florida v Tennessee
  61. What Motivates A Walk-On Player?.......
  62. OU's Granger out 4-6 wks, may miss rest of season
  63. West V sucks
  64. How about Vandy
  65. who'd have thought
  66. BCS Disaster Looming?
  67. Wannstedt a Gambler?
  68. What a way to make a father proud!
  69. Alabama Vs. Georgia.....some trash talking going on
  70. A Face For Radio
  71. Pitt Players Face Mousetraps
  72. What Games Are You Interested In This Weekend? (Sep 27th)
  73. Damn
  74. ole miss
  75. 4 of 5
  76. What a day to be a Michigan Man
  77. The New Look Buckeyes...
  78. Clemson "Shell-shocked" by Maryland
  79. Garcia Sparks S. Carolina To Win.
  80. It's Only The Beginning!
  81. LETS GO 'DORES!!!
  82. This weekend's schedule
  83. Big games this weekend
  84. UF/UGA
  85. Rest of season
  86. Bobby Bowden coaching a Rhodes scholar is sign of apocalypse
  87. Hey Penn Staters
  88. and the bcs national championship
  89. Bowl Pickem Pool anyone?
  90. NKySteeler
  91. Pete Carroll
  92. Why no Bowl games on Christmas Day?
  93. USC defense
  94. Pitt Panthers
  95. tOSU
  96. OT: I am just not interested in the BCS title game
  97. a happy ending!
  98. Pitt hires OC
  99. June 21 is PSU Day on Big 10 Network
  100. ??? the rankings
  101. tOSU and the Big Ten
  102. College football is upside down
  103. Pitt Stinks
  104. Ryan Mallet--ARK
  105. Owen Marecic -- Stanford FB/ILB
  106. Cars! Cars! Cars!
  107. "Honey Badger" Given The Boot...
  108. Geno Smith
  109. Congrats Buckeyes!
  110. Deal with it: AJ Mccarron leading Bama to third straight title
  111. The Ville
  112. Cam Erving: Our 2015 First Round Pick?
  113. Congrats to my Aztecs!
  114. Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa set to have hip surgery on Monday
  115. Georgia edges past Alabama to No. 4 in AP poll
  116. Official College Football Power Rankings Week 13
  117. My solution for the post season
  118. THIS might make you readjust your respective football fandoms
  119. Is This Taunting?
  120. Hire a professional hacker! (Telegrram: @Blackhat_plug)
  121. @ PSU fans, you have a special QB
  122. OT: Nick Saban resigns from Alabama