Florio Confirms His Stupidity, Again

Sporting News reporter Mike Florio confirms his stupidity in his latest article.  Florio provides us a list of 5 players that should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame compared to 5 players that should not be included in the Hall of Fame.

Florio is so biased against the Steelers it’s almost humorous but yet exhausting.  Purely opinionated, most consider Florio and Pro Football Talk the paparazzi of the National Football League (NFL) reporting.

In his list of 5 players that should NOT be in the Hall of Fame include both Dick Lebeau and Lynn Swann.  Out of all the players in the Hall of Fame, Florio picks 2 Steelers in his list of 5.  Big Surprise!

If Florio looks at Lebeau’s statistics like he does everyone else, then he’ll see that Lebeau clearly deserves his Hall of Fame bid.

Lynn Swann not deserving to be in the Hall of Fame is laughable.  Maybe the most clutch wide receiver in playoff and Super Bowl history.  He compares Swann’s stats which are in fact on the low end, to today’s players.

Someone needs to tell Florio to wake up…. Swann played in a completely different era and mostly in a run first offense.  How can you possibly compare Swann to a wide receiver of today which is a “pass first” league?

I guess Florio doesn’t take in consideration a players playoff appearances & wins as well of Super Bowl rings in his analysis of who should get into the Hall of Fame.

If Florio still has any sport writer credibility left, he lost it all in his latest article:


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