Falcons Sign Former Steelers FS Chris Hope, SteelerNation is Excited

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Maybe it was BTSC’s interview with former Steelers FS Chris Hope that piqued Atlanta’s interest in the free agent safety.

Maybe the interview had nothing to do with it, but SteelerNation took to Twitter excitedly to congratulate Hope on his signing with the Falcons.

The former Titans safety played for the Steelers from 2002-05, winning a Super Bowl, before signing with the Titans.

Hope was revealing in the interview, particularly when discussing the team that drafted him in the third round of the 2002 draft.

Welcome to the ‘Steelers Way’
We hear it. We believe in it. What exactly is it? I asked Chris this question and he was more than happy to answer.

“It’s totally unselfish,” he said. “The guy next to you, the guy behind you, everyone from coaches to players wants you to succeed. If there’s an injury, you know your backup is maybe as good as you but you never hope he doesn’t do well. It’s all about winning. We’re brothers.

“Even today, it could be 6 months since I’ve talked to or seen some of the guys, but we pick up right where we left off.”

Hope spent a lot of time talking about his charity organization, the iCHopeFund, and all the good work he’s doing through it. Looks as if the Atlanta area will be a benefactor of Hope’s presence, both on and off the field.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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