Face Me Ike on his way out

With the NFL lockout still looming, the Steelers have had plenty of time to plan their free agency strategy.  The question remains…

Will the Steelers resign the 31 year old, Ike Taylor?  Taylor has been the only proven cornerback  in the Steelers secondary over the past several years.  But Taylor is over 30 and wants to be paid.  The Steelers, more than any other team in the NFL, do not pay big money to players on the downside of their career.  Taylor doesn’t feel confident in the Steelers’ ability to resign him:

I see myself being anywhere I need to be. Wherever you put me, I’m going to make home….I just leave it up to my agent and Pittsburgh.When it comes down to getting serious, I’m sure my agent is going to call me. Other than that, he’ll let me know when the time is right.

I need that market value. I work so hard. I’ve been through so much, I feel so unappreciated, feel so underrated at my position, I feel like it’s my time to get my worth, in whatever city that’s in.

Most fans, including myself fear that our secondary will get burnt by the likes of Brady, Brees, Manning and Rodgers moreso than usual without Ike.  The Steelers have shown little ability to draft quality cornerbacks over recent years (see Keenan Lewis).  Hopefully one of the young guys step up and replace Ike if he indeed leaves and follows the money.

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