DeAngello Williams Rips NFL Analyst

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, DeAngelo Williams rips NFL Analyst for having no playing experience.  Williams had some harsh words for cast members of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football (GMFB) show.  Long story short, Williams was ripping on the analysts for basically being nothing but stat geeks and having no actual playing experience.   He was shortly corrected by one of the analyst that did have football experience playing at Ivy League institution, Princeton University.  Adding insult to injury, Williams continued his attack by correctly stating that you are going to Princeton for academics, not football.  The one analyst looked like he was about to cry.  It was outstanding.

The onslaught of attacks begins around the 7 minute mark.  

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    • Milliken Steeler

      It was brutal but t be honest, the non stop love fest for the Pats and Tom Brady, by Kyle, Peter and Kaye, is sometimes almost nauseating. You are suppose to be neutral. They definitely are not, so Dwill, just launching that offensive was pure comedy. Peter actually got offended. lol