DE Brett Keisel Talks About Steelers Fan Camp in Mexico City


Steelers DE Brett Keisel was on WDVE’s morning show recently talking about his upcoming trip to Mexico City to help run a Steelers Youth Camp as well as a fan camp the next day. Along with him are QB Charlie Batch, OLB James Harrison, WR Emmanuel Sanders, FS Ryan Mundy and broadcasters Craig Wolfley and Tunch Ilkin.

Keisel right away found an opportunity to take a shot at Harrison.

“James sends me a text, like, before we agreed to do this, ‘come with me to New Mexico to a camp.’ I texted him back, and was like, ‘Jim, I think it’s Mexico, not New Mexico.’ He’s like, ‘oh no, I’m gonna have to bring some guns.'”

Keisel noted after that they would be “packing heat” down there. I don’t think he was talking about the weather.

“The Mexican Nation recognizes the six Lombardis we have, which is more than any other franchise, so why wouldn’t they root for us?”

It’s a fair question.

After some back-and-forth about the extent of Keisel’s Spanish coming from watching Looney Tunes, they get into the most popular topic involving Keisel – the beard.

He confirmed his starting growing his beard a bit earlier than he has in the past, noting how “big and beautiful” it will be in December.

Keisel’s on the youth football camp circuit recently, just having attended QB Ben Roethlisberger’s camp prior to his trip to Mexico City. He said he played a bit of quarterback in the scrimmages at the end of the camp.

“My favorite part is doing the little games they do at the end, which is like a 7-on-7 drill, and I play all-time quarterback…You line them up and send them on routes. Every time they come back, they’re tugging on you, saying ‘I was open, man, why didn’t you see me? I was open in the end zone.’ And that’s like every kid there.”

He noted Roethlisberger makes a point to throw a pass to every kid, something Keisel (jokingly) didn’t understand.

“Ben, save your arm for the season, man.”

It shifted a bit more nostalgically as Keisel talked about the losses of DE Aaron Smith and NT Chris Hoke in reference to DE Ziggy Hood likely filling the vacant starting role this season.

“(defensive linemen) have got to really raise their game this year. Ziggy’s gonna be that guy from Day 1. Aaron Smith is gone, and we all miss him dearly, especially me. I was really close with Aaron, and Hines (Ward), and James (Farrior) and Chris Hoke.

“I tell them this is their time to shine, they’ve got a great opportunity right now to play for this great organization. It’s their time and they better make it right.”

“I’m excited to go down to Mexico Steeler Nation and give them some pointers.”

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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