Chad Ocho Stinko play doesn’t backup talk

Chad Ochocinco talks more than he plays.  ESPN relayed a comment that Ochocinco is going to make William Gay and

Chad Ochocinco is overrated
Chad Ochocinco is overrated

Ike Taylor “kiss the baby” this weekend.  What is he talking about?  When was the last time Chad Johnson (i.e. sorry Ochocinco) has done anything productive against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Johnson has had just one 100-yard game and three touchdowns against the Steelers since Taylor’s rookie season in 2003.  Ike Taylor has owned Chad Johnson but you don’t hear Ike talking trash.  With the Steelers playing the Bengals twice a year, these statistics are not worth bragging about and are actually pathetic considering Johnson is supposedly Carson Palmer’s number one target.  Someone should relay to Chad that he should worry about production on the field rather than talk off the field.

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Johnson is very easily one of the most overrate player s in the league.  Didn’t he wear a jacket that said “Future HOF’er” on the back?  That’s laughable.  Johnson doesn’t have half the credentials needed to make it into the Hall of Fame.  Now, Hines Ward is a different story.  He’s Hall of Fame bound.  And how ironic is it that Hines Ward will likely pass his 10,000 receiving yard mark against the Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been consistently one of the worst, joke franchises in NFL history.  I actually feel sorry for Carson Palmer having to play for such a disgrace of a franchise and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s antics.

Below is a reminder of what is coming to Chad Ochocinco:

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