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Looking back at the Super Bowl

Looking back at the 2011 Super Bowl, the matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, there was one thing evident: The Steelers made way too many mistakes.

The matchup from a talent perspective was even but the Packers without a doubt, played the better game. The Steelers got outcoached on offense and defense and the Packers players executed better and made less mistakes.

There was no excuse for Ben Roethlisberger to force that pass which resulted in a pick six. But the absolute back breaker was Rashard Mendenhall fumbling on the 30 yard line when the Steelers had the momentum heading towards the go ahead score. Talk about stupidity, how did David Johnson completely whiff on Clay Matthews who caused the Mendenhall fumble. He’s horrible and shouldn’t even be using up a roster spot. Arians got rid of John Kuhn (FB for the Packers) because he doesn’t believe in a FB in favor of the worthless David Johnson.

And how about Keyaron Fox? The Steelers would have had 2 minutes to score on the 32 yard line but instead he got a personnal foul on the kickoff essentially pushing the Steelers back to the 17. A critical penalty at a critical time.

Dick Leabeau’s secondary looked confused and out of position. Take for example the game winning touchdown by Greg Jennings. Jennings was matched up against the aging James Farrior. How does that happen?

Shall we touch on the horrible lack of adjustments by Bruce Arians? The Packers lost their two pro bowl cornerbacks and the Steelers didn’t even attempt a no huddle offense to catch them out of position. Nice work Arians, no wonder everyone except Big Ben wants you fired.

All in all, you can’t be upset about the Packers winning. The Steelers beat themselves.

Win a Trip to the Super Bowl

As you may have heard, the Dallas Convention & Visitor Bureau will be running a Mystery Man hunt in Pittsburgh this weekend with the prize being two tickets to the Super Bowl in addition to flights and accommodation. To win tickets, fans will have to find Dallas’ Mystery Man wandering the streets of Pittsburgh and say a secret phrase which can only be found on Visit Dallas Facebook Page <>.

The goal of the contest is to showcase the power of Social Media and the influence of Blogs while raising awareness about Dallas as a tourism destination. We wanted to let you know about it as it might be of interest to your blog readers.

We encourage you to share details about the contest with your readers and also with your followers on Twitter. Feel free to pester us on Twitter at @DallasSBHunt for details about the clues.

Happy Birthday Myron Cope

Today is the birthday of legendary Pittsburgh sportscaster / journalist  Myron Cope.  Myron Cope was the creator of the Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel.  Watch the below Myron Cope video being interviewed about the story of the Terrible Towel and it’s creation.

Planet Steelers Q&A With

1.The Steelers came back last week after being down two touchdowns.  What did they do differently in the second half that allowed them to come back against the Ravens?

Most people think the Ravens lost the game due to the 2 turnovers that resulted in 14 points and another that resulted in 3.  However, those same people forget the Steelers basically gave the Ravens 14 points in the first half with turnovers deep in their own territory.  This was the main difference between the 1st and 2nd half.  The Steelers defense and offense alike were very opportunistic.

2. Ben Roethlisberger always seems to convert key 3rd down plays.  What is it about him and their passing game that allows him to be successful in these key situations?

That’s a really difficult question.  I think certain players just have a knack for making clutch plays and he’s one of those guys.  I compare him to a Derek Jeter in this aspect.  Jeter, like Big Ben, has historically made big plays in clutch moments.

For example, if I need a run to win the World Series and there is a runner in scoring position, Jeter is the guy I want at the plate regardless if he’s in a slump at the time.  I can say the same thing for Big Ben.

3. Troy Polamalu has been hindered by Achilles and ankle injuries late in the season and does not appear to have his normal burst.  Is that still the case and do you think he is healthy enough to make an impact in this game?

I think the Achilles and ankle injury is still bothering Troy Polamalu.  He missed a few tackles last week and wasn’t a huge factor against the Ravens.  With that being said, I always think Troy makes an impact on the game.  He’s a guy that must be accounted for on every play regardless of if he’s 100% healthy.  When offensive players get fixated on where Troy’s at, this opens up plays for Harrison, Timmons, Woodley and our other playmakers.  In that instance, Troy isn’t actually making the play but he’s still having an impact.

4. There are some good match ups in this game.  Which one would you rate as the most critical in determining the outcome of this game?

There are several great match-ups in this game.  I see the following as the most critical:

1)Steelers offensive line vs. your defense line and linebackers
2)Steelers secondary vs. the Jets solid wide receiving corp
3)Steelers young receivers vs. Cromartie and Revis
4)Sanchez vs. Polamalu
5)Steelers outside linebackers vs Jets tackles
6)Special Teams

5. Break down this game for us.  What does each team need to do to prevail?

I think turnovers and penalties are going to have a big effect on the outcome of this game.  Ben Roethlisberger and Sanchez will need to protect that ball.  Aside from that, the Jets could see a huge advantage in the special teams and offensive lines area.  I’m very interested in seeing how the Steelers passing attack matches up to the Jets defense.  Most people aren’t giving the Steelers WR’s any credit but they have 3 young, fast players in Mike Wallace, Emmanual Sanders, and Antonio Brown.  Let’s not forget veteran WR Hines Ward and TE Heath Miller.

Cowher Picks The Jets

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Bill Cowher picks the New York Jets to upset the Steelers at Heinz Field on Sunday.

Cowher, although still pro-Steelers has had a history of predicting the Steelers to lose in big games.

Cowher could be doing this for a variety of reasons such as:

1. He doesn’t want Mike Tomlin, his successor to win 2 Super Bowls in 4 years when he only won one Super Bowl in 15 years

2. He’s trying to add a little extra motivation to his former team since they typically play better as underdogs compared to favorities.
3. He’s trying to add a bit more spice to the game since he currently anchors for CBS.

4. He’s trying to “get in good” with the New Yorkers and their media since Cowher has publicly admitted his desire to coach the New York Giants.

This is all speculation but regardless, it makes you wonder…

The AFC Championship Game is set for 6:30 est time, Sunday, January 23rd in Pittsburgh.

PART B:Defensive Analysis w/Dutch Wydo of Postgameheroes

Show Topics:

1. Interview with Dutch Wydo of
2. Defensive Game Keys
3. Why the Steelers must stop the Jets running Game?
4. Why Lebeau must attack Mark Sanchez?
5. Dutch Wydo’s Prediction
6. Lance Williams Prediction

Click Here to Listen to this episode of Steel Curtain Radio

Pouncey Signs 5-year deal

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed center, 1st round draft pick, Maurkice Pouncey to a 5-year deal. Terms have not been disclosed.

Pouncey, a standout center for the University of Florida is expected to compete for a starting job at either the center or guard positions.

Center is the Steelers worst position along the offensive line and Pouncey is expected to be a huge upgrade over Justin Hartwig.

Steelers Open Camp

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers opened camp in Latrobe and you could sense the excitement in the air.

Mike Tomlin in particular was all smiles. And why not? He just signed a nice extension when some thought he may be coaching for his job this year given the embarrassing meltdown last year against far inferior opponents.

However, with the excitement also comes many question marks and I believe Tomlin acknowledges that. Here are just a few of those question marks:

1) Can the Steelers survive the first six games without Big Ben (possibly 4 games)?

2) Is this Woodley’s last year in a Steelers uniform?

3) Can Mike Wallace be productive against teams #1 cornerbacks?

4) How will the loss of Colon impact the offensive line?

5) Is Polamalu healthy and can he stay healthy?

6) Will the secondary be improved with McFadden starting? Will Burnett and Lewis step up in their second year?

7) Will Pouncey start? If so will it be at center or guard?

8) Will Mendenhall share carries with Jonathan Dywer

9) Will Farrier, given his age, struggle like last year? Is this Farrior’s last year?

10) Can Ward stay healthy? Is this Ward’s last year before retiring?

Fantasy Focus: Steelers vs Lions

Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes

This week kicks off another entry of our fantasy football prediction blog.  Steelers face off against the 1-3 Detroit Lions at Ford Field at 1pm today.  The Steelers will be visiting Ford Field for the first time since capturing their fifth Lombardi Trophy during Super Bowl XL.

Unlike previous versions of our fantasy focus articles, this one will only feature Pittsburgh Steelers players.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger – The Detroit Lions have given up more points than any other team in the NFL to opposing quarterbacks in fantasy football.   Roethlisberger should be in for a big game today against a struggling Lion’s defense.  However, if the Steelers jump out to a big lead early, Roethlisberger could be pulled or you’ll see a heavy dosage of Rashard Mendenhall.  The Steelers won’t run up the score and pad stats.

Rashard Mendenhall – With Willie Parker out with a turf toe injury, second year pro Rashard Mendenhall could be in for another huge day against the 20th ranked Lion’s run defense.  Last week, Mendenhall had his breakout game against the Chargers totaling 165 yards and 2 touchdowns against the San Diego Chargers defense.  Mendenhall will receive the majority of the carries except on certain 3rd down situations where he’ll be relieved my Mewelde Moore.

Heath Miller – On pace for 96 receptions, Heath Miller is on pace for his best season of his career.  Miller is underrated in most NFL circles, but he’s in for his first pro bowl season of his career.  Miller has been getting open in the middle of the field and is an obvious mismatch for many teams.  With Santonio Holmes receiving double coverage, Miller is seeing more balls thrown his way.  Last week against the San Diego Chargers, Miller had 70 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.

Santonio Holmes – He has been targeted by Roethlisberger more than any other player, Holmes is due for a big game.   Even though Holmes has been seeing double coverage as the Steelers #1 receiver, he’s got the speed to beat those double teams and make plays deep down field.  Outside of week 1, Holmes has been quiet thus far this year; expect him to have close to 100 yards and a TD today against a weak Lion’s secondary.

RaShon “Sonny” Harris Signed by Panthers

The Carolina Panthers signed DT, Rashon “Sonny” Harris to their 53 man roster.  Harris was a pleasant surprise during training camp and preseason games.  He showed good push, adequate technique and the ability to take on multiple blockers.  Based on earlier reports, Harris was expected to replace the much older (and expensive) Travis Kirsche on a very veteran defensive line.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are in desperate need of getting younger up front with only Nick Eason (29) and 1st round rookie, Ziggy Hood under 30 years old.

Rashon Harris

Rashon Harris

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The 6-4, 300 pound rookie defensive lineman from Oregon had the frame to pack on a few more pounds and potentially move to nose tackle in the Steelers 3-4 defensive front.  With Casey Hampton unsigned going into the regular season opener against the Tennessee Titans, Hampton is very unlikely to be signed to an extension.  Hampton has made it very clear that if he hits the “open free agent market”, he won’t be in the black and gold next season.  The Steelers won’t overpay for Hampton and some other team will (i.e. Raiders, Washington, etc).  With aging Chris Hoke as the only other option at NT, Sonny Harris would have been a welcome, young addition to that lineup.

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