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Happy Veterans Day
How Max Starks Injury will affect the Steelers?
Why the Steelers wont kick to Ben Tate?
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Why I’m Picking the Pats?

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Troy Polamalu interview from the T.Ocho Show.

One day after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, Troy Polamalu is interviewed by Chad Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens discussing a variety of topics including the National Football League’s crackdown on “illegal” hits and Polamalu’s recommendation on how to improve the review process.

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Steelers top ESPN Power Rankings

For the past 2 weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have topped the ESPN power rankings thru Week 8.  The only NFC team in the top 5 is the Atlanta Falcons.  The only other NFC teams in the top 10 are the New York Giants at #9 and the Green Bay Packers at #10.  Here are the top 5 teams represented in the Week 8 ESPN Power Rankings:

1 (1)    Steelers 5-1    It turns out the Steelers are both lucky and good. (Walker)

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2 (2)    Jets    5-1    Jets are rested coming off their bye week. They seem like the No. 1 team in football. (Clayton)

3 (3)    Patriots    5-1    The Patriots are quietly moving toward division title without Randy Moss, who visits Sunday. (Clayton)

4 (4)    Ravens    5-2    The Ravens narrowly avoided embarrassment by beating the Bills at home in OT. (Walker)

5 (7)    Falcons    5-2    Roddy White nearly made MVP Watch list a week ago; no doubt now. (Sando)

Referee Clarifies Roethlisberger Fumble

Listen to the clarification provided by the referee after the Steelers vs Dolphins game regarding the Ben Roethlisberger fumble.

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Roger Goodell Contact Info

Do you disagree with the NFL commissioner’s latest ruling? Why does it seem like Goodell is on the fast pace to ruining the best game in all of sports? To voice your concerns and disagreements, contact the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell at his NFL office via the information listed below:

Phone: 212.450.2027

Perhaps we should ask the NFL Commissioner himself some of these questions:

1) How can a player get fined and/or suspended when the hit was legal and not penalized on the field?

2) Why is the NFL selling posters/prints and DVD’s of these illegal hits on it’s website? They are profiting from the fines but yet they are profiting from selling merchandise! How about that for corruption?! By the way, where does all the money for these fines go?

3) Why does the ESPN, Fox, CBS, NFL Network, etc promote these type of hits via segments like “Jacked Up”? Why is the NFL and these networks allowed to promote such illegal activity?

I think the fans should suspend and fine Roger Goodell. Better yet, he should be fired. The commissioner is making a very good attempt at ruining the best game in all of sports.

Mark Schlereth Sounds Off on NFL

Mark Schlereth of ESPN rips the NFL and the commissioner Roger Goodell for it’s stance on suspending and excessively fining players for legal hits.  This is by far the most logical, accurate assessment of the situation that I have seen from the national media outlets.


Listen to Steel Curtain Radio #92.  The Pittsburgh Steelers talk show discusses the following topics after a disappointing loss at Heinz Field against the Baltimore Ravens:

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Show Topics:

Why I hate the Blame Game ?
Offensive Game Grades
Defensive Game Grades
What will the offense look  like when Big Ben gets back?

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Steelers – Ravens Preview

Joe Platania of Baltimore PressBox provides a Steelers – Ravens Preview.  See below for the complete article:

Ravens, Steelers Play Hard, But Trash Talk Will Flow


By Joe Platania

OWINGS MILLS — The insults, hate and trash-talking will be flowing at Heinz Field faster than the facility’s namesake ketchup.

There’s just no getting around it. The Ravens and unbeaten Pittsburgh Steelers will try to outplay each other during Sunday’s key AFC North Division showdown. But at the same time, they will attempt to out-talk each other as well, no matter how head coach John Harbaugh likes to downplay it.

Last season, both the Ravens’ games against the Steelers were decided by three points. The Ravens defeated the Steelers, 20-17, in overtime in Week 12, while the Steelers edged the Ravens, 23-20, in Week 16. (Sabina Moran/PressBox)

“The game is played on Sunday,” he said wearily during his Monday press conference at The Palace at Owings Mills. “They won’t talk as much as is going to be said throughout the week. We’ve played them too much and they’ve played us too much. If something gets said, it gets said.”

Sunday’s game will mark the 29th regular season meeting between the Ravens and Steelers, tying Pittsburgh with the Cincinnati Bengals for the opponent Baltimore has met most often since it came back into the league in 1996.

The two teams have also met twice in postseason play, the Steelers taking home both wins at home: a 2001 divisional playoff round game and the 2008 AFC championship game.

The Steelers have won four AFC North titles to the Ravens’ two and have taken home two Super Bowl championships in the decade elapsing since Baltimore won Super Bowl XXXV.

But despite the long, antagonistic history between the two fan bases, Harbaugh is quick to note all NFL games have a violent, nasty aura about them.

“Every game is pretty heated in this league,” the coach said. “There is a little more history [with these two teams]. We just have to focus our energy and challenge ourselves to just play the next play.”

TRADES WORKING OUT: Let’s take a little inventory on how some of the Ravens’ high-profile trades have worked out:

– When the Ravens traded their 2007 third- and seventh-round picks to the Buffalo Bills for Willis McGahee, the Bills then used the third-rounder to take Stanford quarterback Trent Edwards, released by the Bills Monday after an unspectacular career.

– When Baltimore dealt its 2008 fourth-round selection to the Oakland Raiders for cornerback Fabian Washington, the Silver and Black used the pick to take Richmond running back Arman Shields, currently out of football.

– When the Ravens traded this year’s third- and fourth-round picks to Arizona for receiver Anquan Boldin and a fifth-round pick, the player the Ravens took with the extra selection turned out to be promising defensive tackle Arthur Jones.

The Cardinals traded the fourth-round pick to New Orleans and with the third-round selection, the Cardinals tabbed Citadel receiver Andre Roberts, who has touched the ball on just two punt returns so far.

(This item is dedicated to the late, great George Blanda, a longtime kicker and quarterback for Houston and Oakland who passed away Monday at the age of 83.)

Many years ago, Matt Stover kicked for Louisiana Tech. He’s heading back to the Bayou State to tryout for the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

If you saw all or part of the Saints’ overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons, you know why this tryout is taking place.

Garrett Hartley, the man who will go down in history as the one who kicked the Saints into their first Super Bowl, missed a 29-yarder that would have beaten the Falcons in the extra session.

Stover is the oldest player to appear in a Super Bowl, playing in one for Indianapolis last year. Ironically, the youngest Super Bowl participant is also someone with Ravens ties — running back Jamal Lewis.

When Stover kicked for the Colts last year, he showed up in Baltimore and kicked what proved to be the winning points midway through the fourth quarter. If he sticks with the Saints, he’ll return to Charm City Dec. 19.

PURPLE EVENING: Purple, the Ravens’ women’s group, is holding its annual “Purple Evening” at M&T Bank Stadium Oct. 11 at 5 p.m.

Wristbands for player autographs will be distributed at 4 p.m. outside Gate A. All ticketholders to the event are automatically entered in a drawing for a 10-day Bahamas cruise.

Fan forums, on-field activities, stadium tours and player appearances will all be part of the fun. Some concession stands and the Team Store will be open as well.

Posted September 27, 2010

Bradshaw Top 15 of All Time

An article posted by Larry Harris at PressBox ranks Steelers’ great, Terry Bradshaw #5 of all-time NFL best Quarterbacks.  See below for the complete article.

The 15: Greatest NFL Quarterbacks

By Larry Harris

Sports fans are eternally fascinated with “greatest” lists. So here is one man’s evaluation of the 15 finest quarterbacks ever to take a snap in the NFL. Few will agree, but debate is part of pro football’s enduring allure. Bear in mind the criteria for forming this particular compendium do not dwell chiefly on statistics (meaningless when comparing 12-game and 16-game seasons), but reflect strongly on the intangibles marking each man’s lasting imprint on the game.

Will anyone ever match John Unitas’ record of 47 consecutive games with at least one TD pass?
(Photo Courtesy of John Ziemann Collection/ Sports Legends)

1 John Unitas (1956-73)

No other QB was ever so endowed with the rarefied “X-factor” as was the Baltimore Colts’ No. 19. His icy demeanor in the most extreme situations combined with unusual physical courage to create the stuff of legend and his 47 consecutive games with at least one TD pass will probably never be equaled. And, oh yes, he called his own plays.

2 Joe Montana (1979-94)

Like Unitas, Montana was a revered leader who made the most of his physical abilities and led his teams to 31 fourth-quarter come-from-behind victories. He won four Super Bowls for the 49ers and was voted Most Valuable Player in three of them. His pass to Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC title game is forever enshrined as one of sports’ most memorable plays.

3 Bart Starr (1956-71)

No one ever did more with less individual talent than the man who sparked the Packers to five NFL championships and was the MVP in the first two Super Bowls. Admittedly not a leader of men in his early years, Starr learned to command under the iron will of Vince Lombardi and his sneak to victory in the 1967 “Ice Bowl” is a play never to be forgotten.

4 Otto Graham (1946-55)

Graham played pro football for the Browns for 10 years in the old All-America Conference and the NFL. He took his team to the league championship every year — and won seven times. Graham was a master of the comeback pass and his 10-season record for Paul Brown’s mighty teams was an astounding 105-17-4.

5 Terry Bradshaw (1970-83)

They said Bradshaw couldn’t spell, but he surely could throw the football and no one had a stronger arm. Sometimes he couldn’t control that arm for the Steelers, but Chuck Noll surrounded him with what seemed to be an all-star at every position. Bradshaw was at his finest in the postseason. Four Super Bowl victories in a six-year span verify his status.

6 John Elway (1983-98)

Thankfully, Elway helicoptered over the goal line and into retirement on a winning note with two consecutive Super Bowl victories. Had he not, the man with an outstanding body of work for his Broncos career might have been judged a failure in the same regard as Fran Tarkenton and Jim Kelly. Remember, Elway lost the first three Super Bowls in which he appeared.

7 Roger Staubach (1969-78)

Some say this spot should belong to the Cowboys’ concussion-prone Troy Aikman, who won three Super Bowls. But Aikman never had the class, flair and maturity of Heisman Trophy-winner Staubach, who captained Dallas when it really was “America’s Team.” Leadership was Staubach’s forte, and his arm wasn’t bad either.

8 Dan Marino (1983-99)

Perhaps there has never been a finer pure passer (well, maybe Sonny Jurgensen) than Marino, whose quickness of release and accuracy were unmatched. He held every NFL passing record at one time, but unfortunately his only Super Bowl appearance was a Dolphins defeat.

9 George Blanda (1949-58, 1960-75)

It’s pretty certain Blanda will hold one record Brett Favre won’t break; he was 48 years old when he kicked his last field goal. Few people in the world believed the upstart American Football League could compete with the big boys in 1960, but ol’ George wowed a new set of fans with a dazzling passing attack. They still talk about him 50 years later.

10 Norm Van Brocklin (1949-60), Bobby Layne (1948-62)

It’s cheating to split a slot, but who cares. Van Brocklin threw the prettiest long ball ever and Layne’s passes often went end-over-end. Both were swashbuckling, John Wayne-types who claimed two NFL titles each. Layne is credited with inventing the two-minute offense. The Dutchman still holds the record for passing yardage in one game (554) and will always be remembered for his battles with the press. After having brain surgery late in life, he announced it was “a transplant. They put in a sportswriter’s brain because they wanted one that hadn’t been used.”

11 Sid Luckman (1939-50)

The T-formation was in swaddling clothes when Luckman joined the Bears. After learning the system, he took his team to four NFL titles, including the still-treasured 73-0 win over Washington in 1940. Regarded as the original master of the T, Luckman was the first to throw seven touchdowns in a game (four others have done it since).

12 Sammy Baugh (1937-1952)

No list is complete without the Texan who cut up his career as a T quarterback, single wing tailback, defensive back and punter. He passed for 335 yards in the championship game to win the NFL title for Washington in his rookie year. He once had a 51.4 punting average for a season, and he was the first player to intercept four passes in a game.

13 Brett Favre (1991-??)

One of these days Favre will rise up this ladder. But until he quits for good, there’s always the chance he will go out on a bummer, as did Unitas and Montana. Favre’s list of records is staggering and his streak of games started will never be surpassed. His legacy, however, remains in question because of the bad taste left in many mouths with his recklessness and annual indecision.

14 Tom Brady (2000-??)

Fifty touchdown passes in a single season? Three Super Bowl victories with the Patriots? Career accuracy of 63 percent? Those accomplishments should surely warrant a higher slot in such a list. But like Favre and Peyton Manning, Brady still wears the cleats.

15 Peyton Manning (1998-??)

Again, how can he be classified until he sits down? Many critics call him the second coming of Unitas, and it’s true his control of the game sometimes resembles Johnny Hightops. Four times Manning has been named league MVP, but there’s only one Super Bowl for the Indy Colts on his résumé. He needs a couple more titles and a few less commercials to challenge the giants.

Week 2 Steelers Team Rankings

Below are the Pittsburgh Steelers team rankings thru week 2 of the 2010 NFL Season:


Passing Yards – 31st (116 yards / per game)

Rushing Yards – 1oth (124.5 yards / per game)


Opposing Team Passing Yards – 17th (214.5 yards allowed / per game)

Opposing Team Rushing Yards – 4th (52 yards allowed / per game)

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