Car Dealership Ups the Ante for Steelers/Browns Matchup


A local Cleveland car dealership has set a lofty goal for their beloved Browns. If the Browns are some-how able to meet this goal, then many people will be starting off the new year pretty well.
What is the lofty goal you ask? A Browns shutout of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The reward? NFL fans who bought a car from December 26th up until New Year’s eve at Bill Doraty’s Kia dealership in Medina, Ohio, will get the car for free. The guys in Vegas have set the odds of a Browns shutout at 5000-1.
This promotion is very similar to the one that a Chicago car dealership offered to it’s customers. Promising free cars if the Bears were able to shutout the Packers on Christmas day, but that really had no chance of happening.
Shutout or no shutout, Cleveland fans will settle for a win over the rival Steelers, who have owned them for quite sometime. The last time Cleveland held Pittsburgh scoreless was back in 1989, with a 51-0 Browns victory.

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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