Bye Week Boredom

As a die-hard Steelers fan, I must say that bye week is one of the worst weeks of the National Football League (NFL) season.  You get to watch all other games, except your favorite team.   However, for the Steelers this week is much needed before a showdown against the now undefeated Denver Broncos.

Here’s a list of action items that the Steelers should focus on during the bye week:

  • Can the Steelers struggling pass defense stop Brandon Marshall and Kyle Orton?
  • What should the Steelers do about Jeff Reed (i.e. and his fight with a fan at Heinz Field)
  • What are the Steelers alternative approach without Casey Hampton next year (i.e. Hampton mostly likely won’t be signed to an extension)
  • Should Ryan Clark play against the Broncos with his medical condition? Should he even travel with the team?
  • Is Lawrence Timmons injury prone (i.e. the next Kendrell Bell)? He needs this buy week to heal his sprained ankle that he suffered against the Minnesota Vikings. Timmons’ injury is to his opposite ankle that he already injured (high ankle sprain) earlier in the season
  • Should Limas Sweed see more playing time compared to Shaun McDonald?
  • Should Mendenhall see more carries than approx. 15/game?
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