Brett Keisel Not Even Named a Pro Bowl Alternate? The Beard was Snubbed

Now this is just wrong.  Keisel is having his best season.  What he has had to play through this season is unreal.  He is part of the number one defensive unit in the NFL and he is making plays every game.
Keisel has had to work through so much this year.  He has had to play without Casey Hampton for 3 games on his inside.  That does not even count that Hampton’s back up Chris Hoke has missed the entire season.  Keisel had to do more to stop the run then ever before with the lack of a middle presence in many games.
Keisel has been working with less then usual on his outside shoulder as well.  He also has had to play without James Harrison for 5 games with an eye injury and suspension.  During that time Lawrence Timmons replaced Harrison.  That meant Larry Foote came off the bench for Timmons in the middle.  Keisel had no help around him.  He had to protect inside, outside and his back side due to injuries.
Keisel helped lead the Steelers the to the number one overall defense. …

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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