Big Snack Overweight, Again!

Casey Hampton DT SteelersCasey Hampton has showed up overweight and out of shape to the Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 training camp resulting in him failing the traditional first-day run test.

This is nothing new as Hampton has had similar problems in the past regarding his weight and in-shape status. What is new is that Mike Tomlin set an example of Hampton by placing the 4-time Pro Bowler on the physically unable to perform list (PUP). Kudos to Coach Tomlin for making an example of the veteran Pro Bowler. Hopefully, publicly humiliating Hampton for being too fat will be a motivational tool for the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive anchor.

Hampton showed up at training camp listed at 6-0 325 but looked about 6-0 350+. This comes as a disappointment because Hampton should know better. He has completed these sprints before and he knows what it takes to finish them. Now, instead of practicing he has to focus on losing weight.

I understand Casey’s argument; I’ve done this for 7 years… When will I ever have to run 100 yards? Well Casey, hopefully never but that’s not the point. The point is you shouldn’t have eaten yourself overweight and out of shape. Hampton was injured for half of last year and he isn’t getting any younger at 30 years old. Additionally, the Steelers defensive line is extremely thin (not literally) and we can’t afford any injuries this year. As for his comment about making the pro bowl last year, he and Polamalu made it off of past reputation. They did not make it due to their on field productivity. He should take some notes from James Farrior. Farrior is a workaholic and works harder with age because he knows that it’s going to take that much more conditioning to compete with the younger players in their low 20’s that this league is now producing. Casey has had a knee problems and last time I checked carrying an additional 25 pounds will not help matters.

Let’s hope for Casey and the rest of the Steelers that this is a wake-up call. Thanks goodness the season his upon us. Here’s to a successful and injury-free training camp — Camp Tomlin part 2.

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