Artie Burns Continues a Trend, but he’s also a Steelers Rarity


Artie Burns is a talented American football player but this is a make or break year for the young Steelers cornerback. Recently, his DB ranking dropped from position 241 to 242. Bookmarkers such as offer nice odds for most American football games. In this post, we discuss the early years and career of Artie Burns.

Artie’s Life as a Teenager

Artie was born in Miami, FL. He attended Miami Northwestern High School. The teenager joined his school’s football team as a defensive back. Some of his teammates included Amari Cooper, Eli Rogers, and Teddy Bridgewater. Brns posted impressive stats during his high school career: 80 TOT, 10 TFL, 22 INT, 17 FF, and 87 PD.

USA Today added him Artie in the ALL-USA field and track team in 2012 and 2011. He won the 400-meter and 110-meter hurdles in the 2012 USA Youth field and track championships. Artie later broke the 110 and 300-meter hurdle records which Michael Timpson set in 1985. He broke the 38-year old 60-meter hurdles junior record in 2014.

American Football Career

Artie participated in the NFL Combine after graduating from the University of Miami. However, a knee injury prevented him from completing his drills. He solely depended on the past combine numbers during the Miami Hurricane Pro Day.

Artie decided to repeat his vertical to increase his draft stock. He teamed up with 12 Miami Hurricanes. 31 teams were in attendance. They included Mike Tomlin. Intense rainfall hampered Artie’s Pro Day numbers. Nevertheless, he was able to complete all the drills. He received positive remarks from general managers around the league.

The Steelers chose him in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft as the first cornerback since the 1997 draft. Artie started his professional career in November 2016 in a match against Baltimore Ravens. Burns finished his rookie campain with 65 tackles, three interceptions and 13 pass deflections in nine starts.

Artie has drastically dropped his average fantasy points in the recent past. Most of his games are split into three parts, the end, middle and start segment. His performance dropped from the middle of the season. It has a downward trend. Artie could attain 7 fantasy points in the forthcoming season. He currently holds the 174th position based on his accumulative fantasy points.

This will be Artie Burns last year to prove himself to the Steelers. He has starter potential and he is still young. The opportunity is there to turn things around. However, if he doesn’t, he might have a very short NFL career.

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