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Steelers Rookies Finish 5th in Rookie Symposium ‘Challenge’

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Indianapolis Colts rookie TE Coby Fleener was the guest writer for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, and according to him, the rookies in attendance representing the Steelers finished in 5th place in a question and answer contest held throughout the 2-day event.

New England’s rookies won, with San Diego finishing second, Cleveland finishing third and Jacksonville finishing fourth.

It’s obviously written tongue-in-cheek, and this clearly isn’t meant to be taken seriously; more than anything, it’s to point out a few tidbits Fleener mentioned in writing about some of the things that happened during the symposium.

It’s actually a very interesting and well-written article. Fleener, a college teammate of Steelers first round draft pick David DeCastro, obtained a Master’s degree in Media Studies from Stanford, and in that, he took a journalism class in which an assignment was to interview and write a profile of a sportswriter.

He chose King.

That led him to become the guest writer for MMQB, and to grouse (jokingly) about the Challenge results.

Each player was handed a wireless keypad to allow them to answer questions. Antonio Freeman, the second speaker and former standout receiver for the Green Bay Packers, explained that they were a part of the “Ultimate Rookie Challenge.” Four times during the symposium, rookies were given eight different questions and 10 seconds to answer each of them.

He was skeptical of the results, though.

After dinner, the “Challenge” results were announced. I have to say that while I was suspicious as to how the Browns got their answers in so quickly, I was equally skeptical of the Patriots‘ dominance throughout the competition. Either way, I was probably just being a sore loser.

Actually, Coby, the Browns winning something would certainly be odd and suspicion wouldn’t be out of line. As for the Patriots, they get accused of cheating pretty often, so you being leery of their success would be par-for-the-course with a lot of people.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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