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Mike Wallace doesn’t plan on signing his tender anytime soon

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America
According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter via Evan Silva, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace isn’t going to sign his restricted free agent tender anytime soon.
“Not going to sign that restricted free agent tender anytime soon. May be awhile before they see Wallace,” said Schefter.
I’d be surprised if Wallace even shows up for the start of training camp.  He’s looking for the Steelers to lock him up with a lucrative long-term deal.  The only problem is that they don’t have a lot of cap room to work with right now.

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Mike Wallace still has no plans to sign tender

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported before the draft that Steelers receiver Mike Wallace wouldn’t sign his one-year restricted free agent tender “until he has to.” While the Steelers have hoped to sign Wallace to a long-term deal, there has been no progress on that front. Schefter reiterated on NFL Live Tuesday that it “may be awhile” before…

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New News That There Is No New News With Mike Wallace

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Adam Schefter of ESPN reported today that there was no news to report on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, who continues to refuse to sign his restricted free agent tender until he has to. Schefter said Tuesday on NFL Livethat it “may be awhile” before the Steelers see Wallace at the team facility, and that Wallace won’t sign the tender “until he absolutely has to.”

If you are shocked by any of this then you likely missed my post last week in which I stated that you likely will not see Wallace taking part in any of the OTA or mini-camp sessions this summer as he continues Read more […]

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Emmanuel Sanders Day in the Life – Part 1 of 4

Travel with SteelersTV to Texas as we visit wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders in his hometown of Bellville. In this edition, Emmanuel coaches up some young football players near Houston.

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Cowher Joins Campaign to Educate About Melanoma

From: AP

Bill Cowher wants to teach men about melanoma, a disease whose ravages he knows all too well.

The Super Bowl-winning coach’s wife died of the form of skin cancer in 2010. Now Cowher is the spokesman for a campaign called “Melanoma Exposed.” Launched Tuesday, it seeks to educate all Americans — but particularly men.

“Men are naive to their bodies,” Cowher said. “They don’t pay attention to their skin like women do.”

Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992-2006, winning a Super Bowl after the 2005 season. He is now a TV analyst for CBS.

“When it hits close to home as it did for me, you find yourself wanting to share the message,” Cowher said. “I realized how many people don’t know the risk factors involved.”

Among the messages he wants to share: People of all skin colors are vulnerable to melanoma, and sun damage can occur at any time of year. The goal is for more people to get checked by doctors, monitor hard-to-see parts of their bodies and familiarize themselves with their skin and moles.

The campaign is sponsored by a coalition of melanoma groups and by pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb. It will hold free public screenings at several NFL stadiums this year.

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Check Out Ball Park Great Moments in Guy Time

Hey guys – won’t it be great to tell your lady that you could have a chance to win a year’s supply of groceries? Our friends at Ball Park are running a Facebook contest, asking fans to share a photo or video showcasing a funny/crazy example of “something only a guy would do” to win BIG.

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So if you have a photo/video of a great tailgating moment, showing your team pride at the stadium, or just celebrating great times with your buddies, enter now for a chance to win a year’s supply of groceries. Nine others will win Ball Park grilling packages, complete with a grill and plenty of Ball Park products to keep your summer sizzling.

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Steelers to Host Coaching Clinic

The Pittsburgh Steelers and USA Football, the National Governing Body leading the development and growth of youth, high school and international amateur football, have teamed up to host a coaching …

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Ask The Steelers: Ziggy Hood

Steelers.com is featuring Ask The Steelers, an opportunity for fans to email their questions for a select Steelers player to answer. We will have six different players taking the questions over the…

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Steelers post draft roster breakdown: Defensive Line

Next up in our post draft position  analysis for the Steelers is the defensive line. A group that didn’t see much change via the draft in terms of numbers of players but this offseason has been anything but quiet for them. The DL is long known as the most important part of the Steelers 34 defense even though many think it’s the linebackers. For all the glory that guys like Harrison & Woodley get, if the big 3 grunts up front don’t do their job, there is literally no run defense to speak of. For a team that prides itself on the run, it’s imperative that this group always be at the top of their game because when they aren’t, bad things happen to the other 8 guys on the field from the steel city.
Changes started early for this group as long time reserve NT Chris Hoke retired earlier this offseason, a staple behind Casey Hampton for 11 years. Hoke was your lunch bucket player, a guy who everyone loved and just did his job every day without question and …

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Talkin’ Safeties: Much Remains the Same Among Steelers’ Deep Secondary


While the rest of the Steelers‘ defense has gotten younger over the past two seasons, the safeties have remained the same. SS Troy Polamalu, FS Ryan Clark and FS/SS Ryan Mundy will still be the Steelers’ three-deep come 2012, and it’s hard to take exception to that.

The backend anchor to the league’s top passing defense, the unit may not have forced many turnovers (four interceptions between the three of them) but by and large prevented big plays, and helped keep opponents off the scoreboard.

The challenge in 2012 will come in the form of much better quarterbacks on the schedule.

Was the Steelers’ secondary improved from 2010 to 2011?

This isn’t at all scientific, but it just never felt like it was better, despite being statistically on par in many areas. The complete lack of turnovers was bordering on historic lows, and Polamalu is usually the guy forcing those. It wasn’t the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year’s best all around season, but it was still effective enough for a 12-4 record and a playoff spot.

Notice how I still haven’t answered the question? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure, they gave up fewer big plays (34 plays of 20+ yards, and three of 40+, compared to 35 and 7 in 2010). That’s largely on the safeties.

Was it a mistake to not address either position in the draft?

As it usually is, time will tell. We won’t know if any safety in a position for the Steelers to have selected will be worth anything. Odds are someone will produce above the level at which he was taken, and the Hindsight Is 20/20 Cops will be all over the Steelers. As it is, the safety position is solid in Pittsburgh. Like every position on every team, it always helps to have guys to develop, but you aren’t able to do that at every position, so they’ll have to wait another year.

Knowing Clark will be out for Week 1 at Denver, is there a concern of dropping the second consecutive season opener?

While the Steelers always would have had the possibility (eventuality) of playing in Denver, therefore, being without Ryan Clark, the playoff game last year wasn’t even close to the amount of time they now have to prepare for it. It’s still a difficult transition, but at the very least, Mundy will enter training camp knowing he’s going to have to start; a tough enough task, made even moreso by the presence of Broncos QB Peyton Manning.

Even with Clark, the Steelers will have their hands full in the opener. Denver is a very tough defensive team and winning there is never an easy thing to do. But just like the military, it’s Next Man Up in Pittsburgh. Mundy will have to produce.

Will Polamalu remain healthy?

It’s almost a given now he’s going to get nicked up in one way or another. Lends even more weight to the depth concerns, and how all three of them – Polamalu, Clark and Mundy – can make arguments of being the team’s MVP. If any one of them go down for a substantial period of time, it will be interesting to see how the Steelers handle it.

I mentioned the possibility of using rookie LB Sean Spence in a nickel or dime safety role, and while that obviously remains to be seen, it doesn’t appear the Steelers have another option that’s any more valid than that idea.

CB William Gay moved onto Arizona, and with him left an emergency safety option. CB Bryant McFadden played a little bit as a deep safety over the past year and a half. With neither of those two back, logic would suggest perhaps one of the cornerbacks could be taught a safety role in case of injury.

Will this unit improve on the amount of forced turnovers they had in 2011?

It’s hard to miss, honestly. However, it was obvious under the direction of Carnell Lake, the entire secondary, safeties in particular, were more fundamentally sound in coverage, and took less risks. It’s hard to argue with the numbers – league’s top pass defense in terms of yards per game, gave up less than 15 points a game. But there were times when the defense really needed to step up and get the ball back to the offense. Imagine what another five interceptions over 16 games would have done.

The quarterbacks they faced in 2011 just weren’t all that great, were they?

No, and that’s a definite concern. With improving passing offenses in Cincinnati and Baltimore, and a non-division schedule that includes both Mannings, Tony Romo and Phillip Rivers, they will be tested in the air more this year than last.

The number of sacks they had (35) won’t cut it. Getting to the passer isn’t the job of the secondary, but the amount of time in which they can convince a passer to hang onto the ball leads to sacks as well.

The key stat against Denver in the playoffs: Broncos 5 sacks, Steelers 0. Manning is a bit less mobile, as is Rivers and Eli, but they throw well with pressure. Considering that’s three games right there, the Steelers will have to lean on their safeties to continue preventing big plays and trying to give the front seven a chance to land on blitzes.

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