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Around the AFC North – What the Steelers Foes Did in Round One

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Round one of the 2012 NFL Draft is officially in the books. The Steelers got a great pick in guard David DeCastro, and some other AFC North teams felt they added to their team as well.

The Ravens:

Baltimore had the 29th overall pick, and instead of going with a player, they moved the pick to the Minnesota Vikings. In return, the Ravens get the Vikings second-round pick (35) and fourth-round pick (98) for the 29th overall selection.

Minnesota in turn went out and drafted Notre Dame SS Harrison Smith.

The Bengals:

Cincy had a pair of first round picks, and did well, going after Dre Kirkpatrick, cornerback from Alabama with the 17th overall pick. They followed that pick up with Kevin Zeitler, a guard from Wisconsin with the 27th pick.

The Browns:

Cleveland was the most active team in the division on draft night, as GM Tom Heckert and team President Mike Holmgren wheeled and dealed as they moved up making a deal with the Vikings to move from the 4th to the 3rd overall pick.

It came to no surprise as they took Alabama running back Trent Richardson with the 3rd overall pick. He will be their starting RB from day one as the team lost Peyton Hillis to free agency to the Chiefs.

The team turned a lot of heads with their second first-round pick, drafting 28-year-old Oklahoma St. QB Brandon Weeden. There’s no doubt that the Steelers will get to know Weeden, and the Browns have already said they expect him to be their starting QB from day one, meaning the Colt McCoy era in Cleveland is over.

Weeden is the oldest player ever to be drafted in NFL history.

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David DeCastro Highlight Reel

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DeCastro pick was a no-brainer

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