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Commentary: Raiders FA RB Michael Bush a Great Fit in the Steel City

Running back is a spot in free agency that the Steelers will have to look long and hard at.

Rashard Mendenhall is clearly not going to be 100 percent entering camp, and possibly not even the season, and unless you feel Issac Redman can be the first-string running back, it means the team is going to look elsewhere for a back.

Right now on the roster at the RB spot you have Mendenhall, Redmen, Jonathan Dwyer, John Clay, and Baron Batch. Mewelde Moore is a free agent, and while I always liked him as a solid 3rd down back, I’m thinking he’s done with the Steelers.

It leads to some of the free agents that are going to hit the market on March 13th. Here’s some names to keep in mind at the RB spot:

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Tashard Choice, Earnest Graham, Ryan Grant, Peyton Hillis, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Tolbert.

There’s another name that I think would be huge if the Steelers can find a way to convince him to come to Pittsburgh, and that’s Michael Bush, the Raiders soon-to-be free agent back.

Bush just wrapped up his fourth year with Oakland, and playing first string quite a bit for an injured Darren McFadden, he ran for 977 yards with 7 touchdowns.

He also caught a career-high 37 passes for 418 yards with a score, showing he can make catches out of the backfield.

Now, I realize right now the Steelers priority is trying to find a way to lock up Mike Wallace, and it should be. He’s already on the team, and it seems even with new OC Todd Haley, the club is going to want to throw the ball more than run it, so getting Wallace back is huge.

I want there to be more of a desire on this offense to run the ball, and in order to do that, they need backs. Redmen is good, but he as well is a free agent, and who knows if a team was impressed enough to throw him some money in free agency.

Bush though would make a statement if he came to the Steel City. He’s only 28, and has to me his best football left in him.

Keep an eye on it, as two other teams in the AFC North – Cleveland and Cincy, may also be in the sweepstakes to land Bush, so landing him could be a great impact move for the Steelers.

It’s the type of aggressive move that keeps a team at or near the top of the AFC, and one the Steelers should seriously think about.

Source: Steelers Gab

2012 NFL Scouting Combine Open Thread: Defensive Backs Close the Show


The Combine gives us as close to our fix of football in February, outside of game replays and XBox. It wraps up today, with the running, jumping, shuttling and interviewing of the defensive backs prospects.

It’s usually the most entertaining group, with many of the draft’s premier athletes looking for jobs with NFL teams among the secondary. While the Steelers look fairly set at cornerback (mostly due to their high level of attention paid to the cornerback position in the last few drafts), the selection of a safety to serve as an understudy for the next year or two seems like a viable option.

As far as the safety position overall, it appears Alabama’s Mark Barron leads all other prospects, and figures to land somewhere in the first round.

Watching LSU’s Morris Claiborne (a likely top six or seven pick) run will be interesting, assuming he chooses not to follow the annoying trend of not working out at the Combine.

There are plenty others, so log in and give us your opinions and analysis of the most athletic group (no bias there) in their big stage workout.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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Steelers 2012 Pre Draft Analysis

By Christopher DiMarino

It is no secret that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a very important draft ahead of them on April 22nd. I will take it a step further and insist that this draft could impact their success not only in 2012, but likely 2013. With the condition of Pittsburgh’s current roster salary, this draft could be important to the team’s cap stability if they can draft players who are able to step in and start. It has been speculated that Pittsburgh will let many of their veterans test the free agency market in an effort to save cap this upcoming season. What accompanies this is the Read more […]

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Steelers will take care of 2012, 2013 like they always do

Every offseason we hear about teams who have $ 20 million, even $ 30 million or more in cap space before they do any type of moves to free up additional money. The Bengals this year have about $ 60 million in cap room.  Everybody always wonders why the Steelers aren’t in a similar position and why they have to do so many restructures each year to get cap compliant.  Why aren’t the Steelers big players in free agency, if they had more cap space they could be;  is an argument often heard around the water cooler.
Even if the Steelers would somehow manage to have $ 30 million in cap space to start out a business year, that doesn’t mean they would go out and drop an exorbitant amount of money on an outside player just because they’re available.  Pittsburgh builds their team through the draft, and they always will. They get by in free agency with middle tier players to fill in as depth but rely on the starters to be guys they groom out of college for the most part. It’s hard to argue wi…

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Legursky hopes injuries are behind him

Doug Legursky is hoping the worst is behind him. He hopes to never experience a season like he did in 2011, when injures kept him sidelined on multiple occasions and prevented him from doing what h…

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The Steelers Moving Money to Win Now, Possibly Pay Later

For those that are wondering just how the Steelers are going to manage the salary cap over the next year even as they play ball in 2012 and get set for 2013, Jamison Hensley at ESPN writes about how the team is looking to “win now,” and how they could have more serious trouble in 2013 as they will have three potential unrestricted free agents – Wallace, Mendenhall and Miller.

What it boils down to is this: The Steelers got themselves out of cap jail today by handcuffing themselves in the future. These moves are putting pressure on the Steelers to win now.

“As a former cap manager in the NFL for 10 years, I know that if you want to make something work for one year, you can,” ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt said. “It’s just a question of how much pain are you pushing off to the future.”

The first real pinch will come in 2013, when the Steelers could be anywhere from $ 10 million to $ 15 million over the cap depending on the limit next year. Add that to having three starters on offense becoming unrestricted free agents: wide receiver Mike Wallace (if he doesn’t go elsewhere this year as a restricted free agent), running back Rashard Mendenhall and tight end Heath Miller.

Pittsburgh will have to either find cap room to re-sign these players, look for cheaper replacements in free agency or hope someone already on the roster can take their spots. Plus, wide receiver Antonio Brown becomes a restricted free agent in 2013, so the Steelers could be facing another Wallace situation all over again with a limited budget. It looks like there will be tougher decisions in 2013 than this year.

Source: Steelers Gab

Batch & Leftwich, or move in a new direction for the Steelers?

The Steelers are in an interesting situation this offseason with their Quarterbacks.  Certainly Ben Roethlisberger’s job is safe, but all 3 reserve Quarterbacks are free agents and while the team figures to bring back at least one of them, which do you choose? It’s been status quo for years now with Charlie Batch as the primary backup but perhaps it’s time to go in another direction; or is it?
Byron Leftwich: When the Steelers brought him back to Pittsburgh in 2010, the eventual plan was likely to have him continue as the primary backup to Big Ben when Charlie Batch retired. Things haven’t quite worked out for Leftwich though as a knee injury in 2010 and a broken arm in preseason 2011 ended his year on the active roster.
When he’s able to be on the field Byron is a solid backup but how much can the team count on him to stay healthy enough to backup Ben should the need arise?
Charlie Batch: Always a fan favorite, the western PA native just performs when called upon….

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Clutch Enigma: Ben Roethlisberger, Part I

Is Ben Roethlisberger clutch? Kyle Rodriguez looks at the question, starting with a simple look at playoff performances.

As with Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger has two rings in his young career, along with another Super Bowl appearance. Like Tom Brady, Roethlisberger has been blessed with an exceptional defense early in his career, and through big wins in the playoffs has gathered the mantra that he is a clutch quarterback.
So, in evaluating Big Ben, what do we see in his playoff performances? If the mantra of “clutch” is true, than it should correlate to the playoffs, the big stage for the NFL, where every game is the difference between going home and staying alive. Of course, they don’t tell the whole story, and situational stats and drive success must be taken into consideration. But, to begin, we’ll examine Roethlisberger’s playoff games versus his regular season play.

Reg. Season
Completion %
TD %
Int %
Sack %


Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

Plenty of interior line depth on offense in NFL combine

Unlike a lot of NFL teams, the Steelers have not been afraid to draft an interior offensive lineman in the first round. They did so in 2010 with center Maurkice Pouncey, and he has been to the Pro Bowl each of his two seasons with the Steelers.

Source: post-gazette.com – Steelers/NFL

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