2012 NFL Draft Open Thread Part I: The Waiting


There isn’t much hard news that’s likely to come out of Steelers camp today. It’s not exactly the ideal time to work free agents out, and the main points of interest are the players who are likely already awake and pacing around their particular environments.

More than 10 highly skilled athletes will have their rights selected (both drafted and undrafted) by the six-time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers today. Knowing the amount of those players taken isn’t much of a trick, but knowing which ones is about as difficult a prediction as one can make in the sports world.

We all know now who the options are. None of us know which ones will actually hold the ceremonial jersey to their chest for the requisite Draft Day Photo.

Last chance to weigh in on who you want, what you feel would be best and which direction you see the Steelers moving in as we conclude our Road to the Draft coverage.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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