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Sources: Shazier shows gradual improvement

Sources: Shazier shows gradual improvement

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Shazier Injury Potentially Career Ending

According to reports, Ryan Shazier‘s back injury could be career ending.  That’s the least of everyone’s concerns including Steelers Defensive Coordinator, Keith Butler.  

I’m not worried about him playing for us again, I’m more worried about him

-Keith Butler

Today, Shazier had to undergo spine stabilization surgery which according to several media outlets could take months (4-6) to recover.  

Here is an update from the doctor’s that performed the surgery.

Shazier spine stabilization surgery

Below is spine stabilization surgery information from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) website.  Shazier is currently hospitalized at UPMC:

Dynamic lumbar spine stabilization is a surgical technique that stabilizes the spine with flexible materials to allow for more mobility in the spine than traditional spinal fusion surgery. Dynamic spine stabilization is a growing area of lumbar spine surgery because it can reduce some of the problems inherent with metal implants, such as disc degeneration in the discs next to the fusion site.

Dynamic stabilization uses rods made of flexible materials to stabilize the affected level of the spine. The flexible portion of the rod limits motion between the vertebrae, but it does not completely eliminate movement. This technique also reduces the load on the spine’s joints and discs, which may reduce pain and improve the recovery time after your surgical procedure.

UPMC neurosurgeons recommend spinal stabilization when the movement of a damaged spinal disc causes pain or if a condition such as spondylolisthesis allows the spine to become unstable. It may also be needed if a patient undergoes surgery to remove of the normal stabilizing structures of the spine.

When the spine is unstable, excessive motion can cause the nerves adjacent to the spinal column to be pinched, leading to leg pain, numbness, and weakness. By stabilizing the spinal column, abnormal motion of the spinal segments is limited.​

Shazier Injury Update 

Here is the lastest on Shazier’s injury. 

JuJu suspended 1 game

The NFL moved quickly to suspend both Steelers WR and Bengals CB Iloka for 1 game.  

So, the NFL thought JuJu’s block was equally as bad as Gronkowski’s after the whistle late hit in which he drove his elbow into the back of a players neck/head area causing a concussion. 

Typical, of the NFL….  There is no consistency in punishment. 

Steelers Mock Green-Ramsey fight

The Steelers TD celebration involved making a mockery of last week’s fight between Bengals WR AJ Green and Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey.

Elliott suspension upheld

Big impacts on NFC.  Elliot to immediately start his 6 game suspension. 

Teams inquire about Bryant

Update: Bryant Trade Rumors

NFL Network reporter, Ian Rapoport explains the Martavis Bryant rumors.

My understanding is that there are text messages and emails expressing his unhappiness and requesting that he be somewhere else,” said Rapoport. “In writing, if a team grants permission, that is what officially gets filed with the NFLPA, with the NFL and that allows a player’s agents to go out and seek a trade. That has not happened here because as far as my understanding goes, the Steelers have not granted permission. So, there’s no official document, but there are emails and text messages to Steelers people stating his desire to be elsewhere. 

He missed a year. He is urgent. He wants to be back, he wants to get his numbers, he’s never been paid (in a big money contract), said Rapoport. There are a lot of things that he is like in a rush where I know the Steelers are sort of integrating him slowly in the offense. In his mind, he is ready, he wants to be productive, he should be productive, let’s go. And I think missing the year absolutely changes the mindset for him and that should be understood as well.

Everyone has a price. I don’t think he gets traded right now because there wouldn’t be great value, what would you trade him for?” said Rapoport. “He has behaved well. If he starts being really productive, if people say, ‘You know what? The drugs stuff is behind him, he’s great on the field,’ like if they can get value, I could see them trading him. Right now, there’s not a whole lot of leverage there and I’m not sure what he would command.

Bryant Requests Trade

Elliott’s suspension upheld

According to reports, Ezekiel Elliott’s 6 game suspension has been upheld which is a devastating blow to the Super Bowl hopeful, Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys face NFC East division rivals, New York Giants week 1 on NBC Sunday Night Football.

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